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CS 102 - Class 01

Rickets when young - arthritis when old
Donald Johanson discovered Lucy
Australopithecus africanus
He received grant to go find missing links - getting to end of his money and he found Lucy
Found 40% of a skull in 200 pieces
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Locals were hired to find bones and sell them to paleontologists
He found the pieces within 70 square meters
Hip bone found later 1.5 miles away 200 ft deeper in different strata of dirt
Proves it was becoming human because human knee bones are angled at femur because hips are wider than knees and monkeys are strait
Monkeys that climb trees have angled femurs
Lucy was also slightly bigger than other chimpanzees
Clydesdale horse's bones slightly larger than other horses doesn't prove it is becoming truck.
All Australopithecines are knuckle walkers
St Louis zoo shows Lucy with human feet.
Zoo director "we can not go around and update every exhibit based in new evidence"

The Laetoli Footprints
Found in ash supposed to be 3.7 Million years old
Normal human footprints
Theory supersedes all evidence - they re-date the rocks using different methods until they get one that meets their theory
National Geographic - "foot prints and pressure patterns are identical to ours today"
Russell Tuttle
Make no mistake about it,... They are like modern human footprints. If one were left in the sand of a California beach today
In sum, the 3.5-million-year-old footprint traits at Laetoli site G resemble those of habitually unshod modern humans. None of their features suggest that the Laetoli hominids were less capable bipeds than we are. If the G footprints were not known to be so old, we would readily conclude that there had been made by a member of our genus, Homo...

Get a theory
Find evidence for the theory
If evidence contradicts the theory
Throw the theory out

Only science that does not follow this is paleontology

National Geographic drew dark skinned ape like creatures on top of the foot prints
Drew it with toe separation that was not there

Dr. Charles Oxnard measured every bone and compared them using a multi-variant analysis
16 years studied the bones
"The various australopithecines are, indeed, more different from both African apes and humans in most features than these latter are from each other."
Monkeys walking on 2 legs does not prove that they are becoming human
There are still some in South Korea
"Bones of Contention" shows by their own dating methods that they still can not be our decedents. The grandchildren lived before the grandparents.

Romans 1:21
"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,"

If someone says fossils prove we came from monkeys
Would not hold up in court of law
It is just a bone
All you know is IT DIED
You don't know it had any kids - Certainly not kids that were different from themselves
How can they do something in the past that they can not do today
All animals bring fort after their kind
Problem is it does not need to stand up in court

Stone Age
Flood destroyed everything.
Stayed in ark for 6 months after flood
How tall are the trees?
Gardens can grow within a few months
It's going to take some time to find iron deposits and other metals to make real tools
Meanwhile you need to eat
Fast to make stone tools
Nomadic don't carry tools
Body builders can tell you as muscle gets bigger bone gets bigger
Bone pulls on muscle - brain tells bone to get bigger
Masticular muscle gets bigger when you use teeth as a vice
Australian Aborigine - 100 years ago shown in zoos as missing link
1904 world fair St. Louis - Pigmies as evolution display
When was the Curse
First date in bible 130 years Seth was born
Genesis 3:17
"cursed is the ground for thy sake.."
Everyone was supposed to be vegetarians
Word "prehistoric" invented recently
1860 almost everyone still believed the bible was right and earth was young.
History of the bible and nothing before
Around 1900 prehistoric added to dictionary

Dragon fly - 3ft wing span
Insects breathe through spiracles absorb oxygen
Surface to Volume ratio
1"x1" cube 6:1 ratio
2"x2" cube 3:1 ratio
Friction to wind - ant falling out of tree
Gigantic insects found
Cockroach found 18" long
8 ft Centipede in Germany
Evidence something was different pre flood
Higher air pressure solves this problem
Grasshoppers 2ft long - walk and fly
Cat tails 60 ft tall - Cone 10 ft long
Donkey 9ft tall at shoulder
Buffalo 12ft horn span
Beaver 8 ft long
Professor from Maranatha Baptist Bible College has jaw
Larger trees = larger beavers - everything was balanced
Higher air pressure = higher consideration of oxygen gets into water
Bigger fish
More fish per cu mi of water
Larger populations and less competition
More plants per acre
More animals to graze in same area
1" sharks tooth = 12 - 15 ft shark
Sharks are all cartilage except teeth - they all rot
Fossil teeth shows sharks were 80ft long
Jonah - God prepared great fish
Living things swallowed whole by fish and whales
Man - skin bleached out but survived
Bird fossils 13 ft tall
Hollow bones - stronger - more SA - do not fossilize easily
New Zealand - Australia
8-10 ft birds few hundred years ago

Reptiles grow their whole life
Bones grow till special cells on end tell them to stop
Reptiles do not have those bones
Reptile nursery in FL
Raised from egg to 5ft in 1 year
2nd year 7 ft
3rd year 8ft
4th year 8.5ft
Varies on environment and food supply
Reptiles typically live as long as humans
Galapagos turtles - 200 to 400 years
Dinosaurs could have been 900 year old reptile
Jackson chameleon - 3 horns on its face - Triceratops

Human bones and dino found together on artwork
Ica Stones - 50,000
Dr Darquea - Peru Ica Stones - 15000 stones in his museum
1570 - Spanish Conquistadors found stones
1961 - Locals collect them
Selling Peruvian treasure go to jail - Compared to death sentence within 2 years
Farmer finding stones and selling them
On camera interview
Behind camera were 2 Peruvian police officers waiting to arrest him
He told the camera he was making them and selling them to tourists
He made one for the camera and it was a child like representation.
Stones have an oxidized coating on them that would take minimum of 200 years to develop
Dinosaur pictures had circles on the side of them
No one had ever seen dino skin until 1992-93
Bolivia - found fossilizes skin with roseta patterns - circles
Carl Baugh has it in his museum

CS 102 - Class 02

Glen Rose TX - Paluxy river
2nd fastest in TX
Mississippi drops 8" / mi
Paluxy drops 17" / mi
Flash floods
1908 - Flood 27ft above flood stage
River make of thick layers of lime stone - does not get deeper at middle
Flood ripped off top 2' of limestone exposed new layer
Thousands of foot prints
Years later they made it into a national park
1930's during depression government hired people to chisel out the footprints for museums
Sand bagged river and pumped water out - during summer the river dries out
Cut limestone into hundreds of pieces - took them out - put back together in museum
1930 - Field explorer American Field Museum - Roman Berg
15-20" human footprints
So detailed you could see dermal ridges
Moccasins trail - could see stitching that held moccasins together.
Human tracks crossing over dinosaur tracks

Emmett McFall - Former owner of parts of the Paluxy
C. N. Dougherty - chiropractor lived in Glen Rose spent all his spare time taking pictures of human footprints in rock
John Morris - ICR - wrote book about the foot prints
Why we do not need the foot prints
No one has ever found human and chicken foot prints in the same layer
If dinosaurs are still alive we don't need to find them
If there are pictures of man and dinosaurs together we don't need them

Foot print of human stepping on top of dino track - human there after dino
Tracks get destroyed by the weather
Dr. Baugh exposed more foot prints by following a trail and carving more rock where there should be more prints - "rivers have rights too"
Joe Taylor - Wrote book on tracks
Largest human print found 24"
Size 24 shoe = 17"
Only difference is they were wider than today
Feet spread out when walking bare foot all your life
6-7ft stride between steeps - 8-10ft tall

David Smith - grew up in Glen Rose - went on dig with Carl Baugh and evolutionist
I grew up in Glen Rose...I went on an excavation with Dr. Carl Baugh. ...we followed the footsteps of a man which were beside a dinosaurs footprints. It was as if the man were walking with the dinosaur. Nova was there to film the dig. There was also an evolutionist there who had been arguing with Dr. Baugh the entire time.

Nova didn't film much of the tracks or our dig but they did interview this evolutionist. He told them he had not seen anything there to disprove evolution. What he didn't tell the camera was that he had refused to even turn around and look at the tracks we had been working on.

He stood with his back to the dig and the tracks while making these statements. Nova knew this man had not looked at the tracks but did not report that nor did they give Dr. Baugh equal air time to respond.

Cult - Can not be true so will not even look at evidence

London Artifact - hammer - part of handle coal - part petrified
Hammer head - 96.6% iron - 2.6% chlorine - .74% sulfur
No carbon
To make stainless steel you need to add carbon
To get these materials to combine there would need to be a much stronger magnetic field.
At time of creation magnetic field could have been 20x stronger
6% decline in last 150 years
Bees and birds can feel north
Humans could feel north if much stronger magnetic field existed
Stronger magnetic field would prevent meteors and radiation - filter it toward poles

Knowledge of how to make metals from creation

Coal 250 MY old
Carboniferous era

Oopart - out of place artifacts
1912 - iron pot - Carl Baugh has
Brass Bell - ICR analyzed it by taking a bump of handle
1891 - gold chain - now at Bob Jones University
Smelting pot - Oklahoma - 600 year old rock
2 pieces of carved doll - 320ft down 12MY old rock

Michael A. Cremo - Hindu - "The Hidden History of the Human Race"
"Man must have been here 250M years ago

2000Y old battery from Iraq
Egyptians used them to gold plate

1880 Gold mines in CA
Spearheads - Bones - mortar and pestal (grinding flower)
Under 9-55MY old rock
J D Whitney - collected and published articles
W. H. Holmes - Smithsonian
"Perhaps if professor Whitney had fully appreciated the story of human evolution as it is understood today, he would have hesitated to announce the conclusions formulated, notwithstanding the imposing array of testimony with which he was confronted."
If the facts do not match the theory - throw them out

Advanced stone tools under glacial deposits Sheguiandah, on Manitoulin Island in northern Lake Huron 65,000 to 125,000 years old
Thomas E. Lee complained: "The site's discoverer [Lee] was hounded from his Civil Service position into prolonged unemployment; publication outlets were cut off; the evidence was misrepresented by several prominent authors . . . ; the tons of artifacts vanished into storage bins of the National Museum of Canada; for refusing to fire the discoverer, the Director of the National Museum, who had proposed having a monograph on the site published, was himself fired and driven into exile; official positions of prestige and power were exercised in an effort to gain control over just six Sheguiandah specimens that had not gone under cover; and the site has been turned into a tourist resort. . . . Sheguiandah would have forced embarrassing admissions that the Brahmins did not know everything. It would have forced the rewriting of almost every book in the business. It had to be killed. It was killed."

God gave perfect world and perfect diet
Eat fruits vegetables and seeds
Genesis 1:29
" And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat."
If you die early - your not following the instructions
Most health problems are self induced
Organically grown
B17 - "World without Cancer"
How cancer works - Why the cure has been withheld
Cyanide found in seeds - not harmful unless separated from its vitamin shell
Only thing that separates it is cell wall on cancer - attacks cancer

We usually look for a virus or bacteria when it usually is our diet
Hunza tribe in the Himalaya - Pakistan
Favorite food - apricots and seeds
Contains B17
Apricot seeds contain the highest concentration of B17 in nature
Wealth is determined by how many apricot trees you have
They plant new trees - taste first fruits seeds and can tell if the tree is good or bad
If bad they cut it down

Nutritional Therapy - Much higher survival rate than conventional
Scurvy - killed 1 million sailors in British navy
1753 - Dr Lind said take fruit and it prevents scurvy
They didn't believe him - they were too busy looking for a cure
1795 - Medical profession admitted fruit would cure scurvy
Called sailors Limeys

Beriberi 1892 - Vitamin B
Rickets - Vitamin D - Sunlight - milk reinforced
Cancer - deficiency of vitamins

Psalm 104:14+15
"and herb for the service of man: "and bread which strengtheneth man's heart."

hundreds of years bread was made every day - the love of money
removed vitamin E + Omega 3 fatty acid + lecithin
bread lasts longer - make more money
Removed 19 natural vitamins
added synthetic vitamins = enriched bread
feel full - body not getting right nutrients

2 Theory's
1.You are a random collection of chemicals that happened by chance and you need more chemicals to balance your body
2.You were designed and require cretin things to keep healthy

Was a lack of aspirin causing you headache?
Dr's study how your brain sends pain signals over synapses
pills made to stop signals
fix the problem - don't unplug lights
oil light - unplug it
if you cut your arm off go to doctor - don't take a vitamin
cabinets full of things that unplug lights
Dr's are trained from an evolution standpoint

Warts - zinc
hang nails - vitamin C
beading gums - vitamin C
arthritis - minerals - alfalfa

2 forms of government
No creator - laws come from mans opinion
rights given by government
International drivers license
Straw man video
government should be provider
take care of the poor
fix natural disasters
should be churches responsibility
Hillary's health care plan - universal health care
80% health problems self induced

Marriage license - slaves marrying out of race
all you need is 2 witnesses - sign page in family bible
contract between you your spouse and the state
give you trouble with bank accounts

Rights are given by the creator
Thomas Jefferson - deist - did not believe in miracle
Declaration of Independence - Tea in harbor
3% of population followed revolution
rest didn't care or were opposed to it
rights are unalienable
Punish evil doers
defend shores
Constitutional republic - law is supreme
everyone follows the law

In the beginning everything ate plants
After flood
Genesis 9:2
"And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered."
Animals afraid of man
Genesis 9:3
"Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you"
Eating meat is OK

Romans 8:18
"For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time"
Charles Darwin - why would God create suffering
Fall of man
Romans 5:12
"Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin;"
can't blame manufacture for smashed car
Can't blame creator for wrecked world

CS 102 - Class 03

Exodus 20:11
?For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is?

Reptiles never stop growing
Break bone near joint when kid - one leg shorter than other
Reptiles don?t have those cells on end of bone

Egg to 5ft in 1 year
7ft in 2 years
8ft in 3rd year

Dinosaurs on the Arc?
Bring Babies
Weigh less
Eat less
Sleep more
Bounce back - adults break
Live longer

Mid 1800s
Fixity of species
God made every species just the way they are today
Huskies for Alaska - dingo's for Australia
Lyell believed - Darwin did not
Darwin was right
Bible says - "Bring forth after their kind"

What is definition of species?
Capable of interbreeding
Dog and wolf are different species but can bring forth offspring
Horse and jackass make mules - almost always male and sterile
They are the same kind of animal

Genesis 7:22
"All in whose nostrils was the breath of life, of all that was in the dry land"
Insects absorb oxygen through sphericals
Breath through skin
Insects can survive flood under water, on log mats, and dead things

250 varieties of dogs
All came from 2 dogs on Noah's Arc - or came from a rock
8000 kinds of animals
2 of each kind not variety

2 Questions
How many animals were there?
How big was the Arc?
Don't know - it just couldn't be done

Spontaneous generation
How non living material comes alive
They used to teach
Leave bread in a corner for a couple of days and it would produce mice
Take meat outside and it would produce fly's

No one has ever seen planet form

Noah - Shem - Arphaxad
Eventually Arphaxad will ask why we are the only people on earth
Noah will be able to tell him the story
He could have told the story to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

270 flood legends
Hawaii - "Long after the death of Kuniuhonna, the first man, the world became a wicked terrible place to live. There was one good man left; his name was Nu-u. He made a great canoe with a house on it and filled it with animals. The waters came up over all the earth and killed all the people. Only Nu-u and his family were saved."

Ancient Chinese classic called the "Hihking" tells the story of Fuhi, whom the Chinese considered to be the father of their civilization. This history records that Fuhi, his wife, three sons and three daughters escaped a great flood. He and his family were the only people alive on earth. After the great flood they repopulated the world.

Indian cultures teach everyone spoke one language until some event similar to the tower of Babel.

Toltec Indian
First world lasted 1716 years only one family named Coxcox survived.
Bible says 1656 years
Only 60 years off

Government of Turkey has sign saying
Nuh'um Gimihi
Noah's Big Boat

Boat came to rest in 7th month - Noah stayed in until 13th month
There was nothing to eat - nothing to build with
all the animals would have died
it takes 3 months to get a garden growing to produce food
they stayed in 6 months and everything was probably a few feet tall

Mountains of Ararat
Turkey - Russia - Iran border
made of pillow lava - formed under water
floating object more likely to to rest in a nested area rather than on top of a mountain
Ron Wyatt thinks it is 17 miles away from Mt Ararat
boat splayed - folded out to both sides
possibility that there is no arc left after 4400 years - people taking pieces - rotted
find Iron rivets
Large steel pins with washer - beat head until smashed over washer and hold it in place
1 in diameter

boat 300 cubits long
moses edited genesis not wrote
moses took the clay tablets and edited them into Genesis
cubit is elbow to finger tip
inch width of thumb
foot length of foot
Egyptian cubit 20.6 inches
Hebrew cubit 18 inches

boat 2/3 as big as titanic

value of money has changed
now 1 oz of gold worth $400
now $400 can buy nice suit
100 yrs ago 1 oz of gold worth $20
100 yrs ago $20 could buy a nice suit

9000lb rocks tear drop shaped
large curved hole in top
larger the rock bigger the hole
Drogue stone
keep boat from shaking while waves moving around
Navy uses drogue shoots - parachutes they shoot out of ship to keep boat strait
keeps boat perpendicular to waves
prevents boat from rolling over

CS 102 - Class 04

1809 - First dinosaur bones found and reassembled
Doctor was doing house call and wife waiting in car
she saw workers digging trench and they found strange bones
she got the bones for her husband and he said they looked like the teeth from an iguana
found most of the bones and assembled it poorly and named it iguana don
Next 40 years found more giant creatures

Richard Owen invented the word dinosaur in 1840
devil used dinosaurs
by 1840 majority believed in millions of years due to Lyell

not mentioned in bible because KJV was in 1611
dragon mentioned 35 times in bible

David Crockett
voted for giving $20,000 to rebuild after natural disaster
farmer said he would never vote for him again because it wasn't his money to give
it was a violation of the constitution

Should we have public schools - 10th amendment
If it is not written in the constitution it is the responsibility of the state - not federal
pre flood 900 year life span
Noah's son Shem - 600 years
Arphaxad - 403 years
Peleg - 239 years
Abraham - 175 years

animals life span also shortened
not living long enough to have as many kids or kids at all
they go extinct
people killing them for
hero - superiority

thousands of dragon legends around world

how many bears are in this county - none
how many where there 200 years ago - lots
dragons driven away to be away from people

deer hunters - five deer walk by and you can only shoot one
you shoot the biggest

versatilitye images find key hole shaped impressions miles wide
used to round up animals to clear land for people

Chinese legend
famous Chinese man named Yu
After the great flood Yu surveyed the land of China and divided it into sections. He build channels to drain the water off to the sea and make the land livable again. Many snakes and dragons were driven from the marshlands when Yu created the new farmlands.

Marduk, the chief god of Babylon from Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
sitting on top of fire breathing dragon

Isaiah 14:29 - fiery flying serpent
Job 41:19 - sparks of fire leap out

Bombardier beetle - blister bug

Daniel 14:22 Catholic Bible
Daniel kills the dragon that the king of Babylon considers a god
24 "Look!" said the king to Daniel, "you cannot deny that this is a living god, so adore it."
25 But Daniel answered, "I adore the Lord, my God, for he is the living God.
26 Give me permission, O king, and I will kill this dragon without sword or club." "I give you permission," the king said.
27 Then Daniel took some pitch, fat, and hair; these he boiled together and made into cakes. He put them into the mouth of the dragon, and when the dragon ate them, he burst asunder. "This," he said, "is what you worshiped."

Saddam Hussein
thinks he is Nebuchadnezzar reincarnate
he rebuild Babylon
it was destroyed in 600BC by Meeds and Persians
Walls preserved in sand
hundreds of pictures of dragons on them

Alexander The Great reported that when he conquered parts of what is now India in 326BC his solders were scared by the great dragons that lived in caves the locals worshiped them

only animals that have long necks and long tails are dinosaurs
can not be giraffes

Vikings have dragons on boats

Marco Polo came back from China and said
the emperor is raising dragons to pull chariots in his parades

Hardest place to exterminate a species is in the water - especially ocean

OOP Art - Out of place artifacts

Ica Peru - desert driest in world
lines in earth - miles long - could not tell they were drawings of bugs and animals until airplanes flew over.
historic does not mean non-intelligent

1571 stones found with dinosaurs and people carved on them
Nazca burial stones
dated 500BC to 100AD
50000 have been found in Ica
56000 more found in Mexico
stones have an oxidized coating on them that would require several hundred years to form them
Spanish reported them 400 years ago
circles on side of dinosaur drawing
in 1992 fossilized dino skin was found with circles on them in Bolivia

Sailboats make no noise
sound travels faster and farther under water than through air
engines can be heard from miles away
whales can communicate for 100 miles

"I looked and looked but I didn't see God" (Yuri Gargarin. First Russian astronaut. 14 April 1961)

If you don't see it - it doesn't exist

ambergris - whale puke
make perfume

Giant squid and octopus
Octopus never stop growing

CE 102 - Class 05

Dinosaurs mentioned in bible
Job - oldest book in bible?
no mention of the Mosaic Law
Job richest man in the east - Chinese
Job's 10 kids were married and then died and he lived long enough to have 10 more and see his great great grand children

Job lost
seven thousand sheep, - burned up the sheep, and the servants
three thousand camels, - The Chaldeans made out three bands, and fell upon the camels, and have carried them away
five hundred yoke of oxen, and five hundred she asses, - Sabeans fell upon them, and took them away
a very great household; - Sabeans slain the servants with the edge of the sword
10 children - great wind from the wilderness, and smote the four corners of the house
Job 1:21
"The LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD."
Job 2:7
"So went Satan forth from the presence of the LORD, and smote Job with sore boils from the sole of his foot unto his crown"
Job 2:9
"Then said his wife unto him, Dost thou still retain thine integrity, curse God, and die."
Job's three friends came to comfort him by telling him he was doing something wrong
Job 38:1&2
"Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said,
[2] Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge..."
God asked 84 questions that did not need an answer
he asked them to change Jobs attitude

Job 38:4
"Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth..."
Earthquake seismograph show different waves originating from same earthquake indicating that there may be foundations under the earth and it may not have a totally molten core
Job 38:16
"Hast thou entered into the springs of the sea..."
Springs in the sea were not discovered until 1977
Job 38:19
"Where is the way where light dwelleth..."
Light is in a way - it moved it is not static
they can now slow down light or speed it up proving that light is not a static number
or - light
maor - light source
Job 38:24
"By what way is the light parted, which scattereth the east wind upon the earth..."
light causes wind
sun heats ground - expands air over ground
ground cools - air condenses
on large bodies of water wind patterns change depending on time of day because ground and water change temp at different rates

Most early scientists were Christians looking for reasons of how God did things
Inverse square law
paths in the sea
laws of nature unexplained why they exist as they do

KJV translators
most spoke 10 or more languages
2 languages - bi lingual
3 languages - tri lingual
1 language - American

dinosaur names
saur - lizard
bronto - thunder - brontosaurs - never existed
diplodocus - Body
apatosaurus - Head

Job 40:15-24
"[15] Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox.
[16] Lo now, his strength is in his loins, and his force is in the navel of his belly.
[17] He moveth his tail like a cedar: the sinews of his stones are wrapped together.
[18] His bones are as strong pieces of brass; his bones are like bars of iron.
[19] He is the chief of the ways of God: he that made him can make his sword to approach unto him.
[20] Surely the mountains bring him forth food, where all the beasts of the field play.
[21] He lieth under the shady trees, in the covert of the reed, and fens.
[22] The shady trees cover him with their shadow; the willows of the brook compass him about.
[23] Behold, he drinketh up a river, and hasteth not: he trusteth that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth.
[24] He taketh it with his eyes: his nose pierceth through snares."

Behemoth is the biggest creature God made
His tail is like a cedar - not elephant or rhino

God make all things good and the devil tries to destroy them
Music - Music of the stars
theory that ice canopy may have produced resonance frequency like a crystal that make the stars sing
1 Corinthians 7 - don't fornicate until married

Exodus 20:11
"For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day:"
This includes dinosaurs

Fens - Swamp
largest swamp is in Africa - Sudd
55000 sq mi
80% unexplored
Reported dinosaurs still alive in that swamp

CS 102 - Class 06

Dinosaurs still alive
Seminar 3b
Dewey decimal 001.9
Library of congress QL89
Study of hidden animals
bernard heuvelman wrote book reporting there were 20000 sightings of live dinosaurs
some were frauds
if dinosaurs are still alive then it doesn't matter if we find dino bones with human bones of footprints
most cryptozoologist's are evolutionists
"they survived for 75 million years"
wrong conclusion

Children have already been brainwashed to say dinosaurs have lived millions of years ago when they don't even know what a million is
1885 Belgium colonized the Congo
(Colonized = took precious metals and stones)
1960 communists came and liberated Congo
Now it is known as Peoples Republic of Congo
Used to be Belgium Congo

1910 article called "is Brontosaurs roaming wild in the Congo..."
Competition of people looking for dinosaur bones
1948 January 3rd Saturday Evening Post
3 page article of dinosaurs still living in Congo

In 1932, cryptozoologist Ivan Sanderson was told by tribesmen of a strange creature that left over sized hippo-like footprints, and which they called Mgbulu-eM'bembe
cryptozoologist Roy Mackel and herpetologist James Powell 1984
thought it wasn't true but like good scientists they went to investigate any way
Lets go to the north pole to look for Santa - waste of money
Most scientists don't want to look for dinosaurs because they 'know' they are extinct
Congo is the worst swamp in the world
mosquito's were landing on them at a rate of 1000 per hour
Cryptozoologist Roy Mackel and herpetologist James Powell set off on their own expedition for mokele-mbembe in 1980. They returned only with interviews with natives who had heard of the long-necked, 30-foot-long creature. They said that around 1959 one had even been killed by natives along Lake Tele to stop it from interfering with their fishing. Their legend stated that whoever ate meat from the animal, died. When Powell showed pictures of various local animals to the natives, they correctly identified them. When he showed them a drawing of a sauropod dinosaur, they said that was mokele-mbembe.
It spends most of its time under water
it usually comes out at night
the people are very superstitious and believe if you talk about it you will die
Its favorite plant is the Molombo plant
Similar to Apple but harder

Mackel tried not to lead the natives to an answer so he asked some of them what mok'ele-mbembe was and others he drew a picture and asked the name of what he drew
Natives killed and ate one in 1959 and everyone either got sick or died
Didn't know how to clean it properly or it spoiled
They saw one and described it as dark brown with smooth skin - long neck - small head

Articles are now shunned or edited out of scientific journals if they hint that dinosaurs may be alive because this throws off evolution

Snakes have been found
Guinness Book of World Records - 32ft
Colonel Fawcett shot and killed and measured a 62-foot Anaconda snake. The natives that were with him said, "Colonel, you should see the big ones!"
130 foot Boa was reported in Reuters News Service in Peru
Brazil Columbia border committee killed 98ft 2ft dia 2 tons - 4 men couldn't lift head
Ecuador 100ft - military hunted it down after it killed 2 soldiers
150 ft floated down Amazon River where 9 mi wide - goes to 200 mi wide at Atlantic

Loch Ness monster
1933 there were mountains on both sides - only way in was by river that connects to ocean
1933 road was installed in V shaped grove blasted into side of mountain around the lake
11,000 reported sightings
3,000 recorded
52 reported while blasting was occurring
some are hoaxes to attract tourists
If you get one counterfeit $20 that doesn't mean they are all counterfeits - bad example - they are all fake
most people describe a pleaseeasaur
Long neck - long tail - 4 flippers
Alex Campbell, a water bailiff (game warden) saw it 18 times

Loch Ness very large
6 Billion people could all go and drown in it
dark water - full of peat from shore slowly settling down
10 ft down its black
lake 1000 ft deep
Japanese took 24 boats with sonar
first scan of entire bottom of lake
wrinkled up like a raisin
Caves in bottom
1934 creature washed up on shore of Normandy Beach
1905 Brazil - observers 2 experienced British naturalists
New Zealand - Japanese fishing boat - nets 900 ft down - stunk so bad they threw it back
4 flippers - long neck - long tail - took pieces of it back to have analyzed
96% similar to shark protein
Japanese make stamp that year with picture of it
Fishers knew it was not a Basking Shark

1994 Russia - huge creature washed up on shore
lots of creatures around the world

CS 102 - Class 07

2 people see same thing and come too two different conclusions
Grand Canyon
Evolutionist - Millions of years
Creationist - Flood did in 30 minutes
Kaibab uplift - 7000-8000 ft
Colorado river enters canyon at 2800ft above sea level
Leaves canyon at 1800ft above sea level
Drops 1000 ft
No delta
Grand Canyon is washed out spill way
Water goes over at lowest point - makes opening larger until canyon is formed

2 Peter 3:3-4
"[3] Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,
[4] And saying, Where is the promise of his coming" for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation."

Scientists watch how much rock is removed in 1 year and calculate how long it took to form the canyon by multiplying by how deep it is

2 Peter 3:5
"For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:"

James Hutton wrote a book in 1775 (Theory of the Earth with Proofs and Illustrations)
Estimated earth was much older than expected - looked at rock formations
Established uniformitarianism
The present is the key to the past - Things are as they always were

1700's many revolutions to get rid of kings - bible says you should honor the king - get rid of bible

Scottish lawyer Charles Lyell read this book
He hated the bible
In his writings he scoffed at the bible instead of outright saying that Christians were wrong because most people were still Christians.
"the interests of religion as well as those of sound philosophy had suffered, by perpetually mixing up the sacred writings with questions in physical science"
"men of superior talent alone, who thought for themselves, and were not
blinded by authority, could deduce any jut conclusions from geological evidence."
Lyell wanted to "free the science from moses"
Lyell dug and found layers.
He named the layers and assigned them an age and index fossil
Only place geologic column exists is in the text book

No erosion marks between layers
Did not rain for millions of years?
polystrate fossils found through multiple layers

Minerals have hardness between 1 and 10
1 talc - softest material
3 finger nail
10 diamond - hardest material

Circular reasoning
1830 derived age of layers based on portions of living and extinct mollusk shells in the layer.
Assumed evolution happened to get results
Encyclopedia Britannica agrees that dating is circular
archaeologist - 0-1000 years old
anthropologist - 1000 - 1,000,000 years old

Radiometric dating can not be done without first using index fossil to determine age
Circular reasoning can be dealt with in the following ways
3.Ignore it - it is not the concern of the public
4.Deny it - Call out the law of evolution
5.Admit it
6.Avoid it by pragmatic reasoning

Limestone appears multiple times in the geologic column
How can you tell how old it is?
By the index fossil
They think Trilobite is a good index fossil for 600MY
Fossilized Trilobite smashed by shoe

1974 Science News
Trilobites eye is the most complex eye structure ever - 16000 lenses - can see in every direction
Trilobites roll up when scared or naturally roll up when dieing
Found fossilized in all positions including half rolled - covered very quickly

Graptolite - New York State fossil
410 MY old
in 1995 found some in South Pacific
they could be in any rock layer

Lobbed fin Fish
Short arm then fin
Index fossil for 325 to 410 MY old rock
1938 found in fish market
Coelacanth - Indian ocean - Madagascar
It survived 300 million years.
Won't admit geologic column is wrong

18MY old leaves found still green

Readers digest Mysteries of the Unexplained
Toads that jump out of lumps of coal
France blasting a tunnel through a mountain
Pterodactyl 10'9" wing span
leathery skin
squawked and died
perfect imprint of it on both sides of the rock
many toads and lizards can stay dormant for years

Petrified trees are found standing up through multiple layers of rock all over the world
many of the layers are less than 500 years old
short roots - ripped out of ground
some found in coal
top petrified - bottom coalified
sometimes found upside down

1800's more machines started to be invented
what used to take 3 weeks to harvest can now be done in 3 hours
world becoming more prosperous
When things are good people tend to go away from God
Lyell tells them rock layers are million's of years old
Lyell influenced Charles Darwin who was straight out of bible college
Lyell's book Principals of Geology was written in 1830
Darwin took his voyage in 1831

CS 102 - Class 08

Grandpa Erasmus Darwin
Very over weight - Had to cut table out so he could get to food
Darwin's dad was also a Doctor
Charles Darwin was sent to become a doctor however he didn't like blood
Dropped out of medical school
Liked to shoot birds because he loved worms - birds eat worms
He was sent off to become a preacher
Church was paid for by government so he didn't have to do anything to get paid
He couldn't find a perish to work for so his dad pulled some strings to get him a job on the Beagle sailing around the world.
It didn't pay but it fed you
5 year voyage
he brought the Bible and Lyell's book "Principals of Geology"
Churches at this time were teaching "Fixidity of the Species"
God created every single species exactly as they are seen today
As Darwin sailed around he observed that this was not true
It was his job to collect bugs and birds for a museum
Darwin said Lyell's book changed his life forever
Captain Fitz Roy was a very standoffish Christian that insisted he was right on everything and drove Darwin even further away instead of trying to win him back with gentler Christian love

Galapagos Islands
Giant tortoises - live on land
turtles - live in water
Sailors would catch the tortoise and bring them on board ship so they could eat them later.
Almost wiped them out
Darwin noticed the Finches on each island had a different beak or feet than the others
Some lived in trees and some on the ground
Some ate insects and some ate fruit
14 varieties of Finches
Originally blown off South America in a storm and landed on islands
Artificial Selection - Selective breading (Dogs)
Natural Selection - (Finches)
Darwin breed pigeons and got hundreds of variations - still pigeons

Looked at his observations and thought "imagine what nature could have done in millions of years"

Rabbits in Alaska have more fur
Dear in Canada are larger
Eskimo's are usually short and stalky
Each adapted best for its environment
Cross breed Killer whale and dolphin and the offspring was fertile
Tiger and Lion - Liger or Tigon depending on father
Horse and Donkey - mule (Usually sterile)
Kinds can bring forth

Original rose had 5 peddles
Someone kept mutating it until he got one with the many curled up pedals the way it is now

Micro evolution is observed
farmers depend on this to make a living
Guernsey - Good Milk
Angus - Good Beef
Brahman - weather tolerance, Long life
Brangus - ok beef ok life longevity - used to breed more Angus

If all you found were bones to chiuaua and Great Dane you would never think they were the same kind of animal
fossils of caterpillar and butterfly
maggot and fly
tadpole - frog - (tale - 2 legs + tale - 4 legs + tale - 4 legs)
butterfly can reproduce - caterpillar can not

sexual dimorphism
Male and female have very different bone structure
Sea lion - small female large male
Black widow spider - large female small male
Find their fossils you would think they were different species

10 times found in Genesis
"After its Kind"
Robert Gentry - Oakridge laboratories
Lost his job due to writing his findings that questioned evolution

Micro - Macro Bate and Switch
New car for $10 - Get there - were out of them but here is the $20,000 model
Give example of Micro in text books and tell them that Macro happened without evidence

Variations are limited
1000 lb hog - never get it as big as Texas
Release it back into wild it won't survive
Variations usually cause problems and need to be tended to or it will die
Pesticide kills 99.9% of roaches
0.1% survive because they were already immune and produce immune offspring
Not new information -
Northwest passage searchers that died were found frozen
They already had resistance to penicillin - had not yet been invented yet.

1785 James Hutton - "Theory of the Earth" - caused doubt of age of Earth
1830 Charles Lyell "Principals of Geology" - Took away flood
Darwin - "The Origin of Species : By Means of Natural Selection or The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life" - Took away God

75% of kids from Christian homes will lose their faith within the first year of a secular college

Evidence for Evolution
Molecular biology
Natural Selection

Mutation will make something New
Beneficial mutation will take over entire population

Mutations do not create new material they just scramble existing
Polyploidy - Doubling of chromosomes
makes something twice as big - still same information
5 legged bull
Short legged sheep
Double headed turtle
4 winged fly
Game mix letters in CHRISTMAS to spell words
Never get Zebra Xerox or Queen

Natural selection works however it has nothing to do with evolution
Natural Selection can only work on biological properties that exist. It can not create properties to meet needs.
No matter how much you may want to grow a third arm, another pair of hands, a third eye, or pair of wings it won't happen.

Natural Selection is quality control
GM assembly line - picks out every defect and repairs it
How long till the car turns into airplane

tautology - sentence that means nothing
Why did this one survive - Its the fittest
How do you know its the fittest - It survived
Whale goes through school of fish - Survival of the luckiest

CS 102 - Class 09

Jump frog
4 legs - 80"
3 legs - 70"
2 legs - 60"
1 leg - 50"
no legs - 0"
The less legs a frog has the shorter it jumps

After removing the last leg the frog goes deaf

Good observation - Bad conclusion

Flies with larger wings in north - Darwin as fit as ever

Peppered moths - Fake
found 2 moths on tree for entire 40 year study
95% white 5% black pre industrial revolution
5% white 95% black during industrial revolution
95% white 5% black after industrial revolution
Population shifted from white to black and back again
Moth population adapted to new environment
We all came from a rock
God gave them the ability to survive no matter what environment they live in
GM puts both AC and Heat in the same cars. - They have completely opposite purposes.
Plan ahead = good design

Think Critically
Do you think humans are still evolving
Have you stopped beating your wife yet
assumes an answer
How might have dinosaurs body heat problems lead to their extinction
Assume they are extinct and had body heat problem
Soviet style question
Why is communism the best form of government
Political poles ask question to get the answer they are looking for

Homo - same , ology - study of
bio - life
geo - earth
structures are the same so they must have evolved from common ancestor
radius ulna humerous
carples phalanges fingers

Comparative anatomy - study of structures of different organisms
Birds + Horses + Humans share similar structure
They have a variation of a similar pattern
They have a common ancestor - jump frog jump
It was a good design - No machine as complicated and accurate as hand and arm

BSCS Textbooks have most evolution
Christians busy in church and helping others while atheist's are lobbying congress and getting on text book selection committees. They have nothing better to do but write letters.

Similarity between developmental stages for all animals is what helped convince Darwin of evolution

Amphibian - two lives - part in water - part on land
Embryology - Baby goes through the FARM stages in the womb
Gill pouches - folds of skin that turn into bones in the ear and glands in the neck - nothing to do with breathing just folds in the skin
Some people have four or five chins but can only breathe through the top one
Ernst Hackle - 1860 - Embryology professor
University of Gena in Germany
In 1860 he read Darwin's book
1859 Russia still controlled by czar till 1917
Slavery still going on in America
Civil war started 1861
Darwin was racist "The Origin of Species : By Means of Natural Selection or The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life"
Hackle lived in Germany - White Aryan race
after 9 years of no one finding evidence for Darwin's theory he decided to take some drawings of a dog, salamander, fish, and human embryo 4 weeks after conception and altered them to look alike
Increased head size on human
changed eyes, ect
Made giant poster and traveled around Germany to promote evolution
"Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny"
6 professors from the Gena university accused Hackle of faking the drawings and held a trial and found him guilty of fraud
1874 the idea that humans have gill pouches was proved wrong
130 years later it is still in the textbooks
Arms and Camp - Biology - Journey into life
"By 7 months the fetus looks like a normal human baby but its not"
34% of babies born at 5 1/2 months survive
they call it a fetus because they want to make you think it is not human
Only reason is to justify abortion
4500 babies killed every day
Why does choice stop at birth
Article in paper "Pro-Choice and Anti-Abortion demonstration"
Media covers the 6 pro-choice but not the 1000 pro-life after Dr.'s shot in FL
W.W.II if you shot the guards to save the Jews are you bad or good?
If you kill the murderer (Dr.) is it bad or good?
There should have been a trial and then the state should have executed him
News jumped on gun control issue
They broke 18 gun laws by going into the school another 5 would not have stopped them
Should we have public schools?
Should we teach kids evolution that teaches there is no right or wrong and no God
Both Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were atheists
Father was geologist
Eric's shirt read Natural Selection
Shot Isaiah Shoels for being black
Had Nazi cross on shirt

Should there be public executions
Bible death penalty required 2 or 3 witnesses
circumstantial evidence would mean life in prison
Take your kid to a public execution and they won't do that crime
France - some one was being taken to the guillotine and someone asked "do you think this will prevent someone from doing crime"
they answered "it will for him"
Should there be a law that requires every law abiding citizen to carry a gun
Sign on store "No guns allowed"
robber reads "Rob Me"
Should have sign "All employees carry guns"

Government wont allow it because the One World Government doesn't want citizens that can defend them selves
Vladimir Lenin said "One person with a gun can control 100 people without guns"

Reasons given to kill children
1. Not Human
2. Not viable - can not survive on its own - neither can you naked on north pole - some kids still come home at age 25 for money
3. Unwanted - lots of kids alive are unwanted
4. Financial burden - every kid is a financial burden
5. Due to Rape or Incest - Kill the rapist Adopt the baby
Women raped and keeps the baby - 5 years later has flash back of terrible event and kills the kid - Is it Murder?
What if it is only 5 months?
What about 5 minutes?
What about 5 minutes before its born?
Every one that supports abortion has already been born
6. Its legal
1956 in Germany the government wrote a law saying Jews were not human
it was legal to kill Jews
Hitler killed millions because he believed evolution
He tried to convince everyone the Jews were inferior
Offered to send the Jews to any country that would take them and Roosevelt refused to take them.
The immigration records for those years show average number of immigrants from every other country but almost no Jews being allowed into America
Hitler would let any Jew leave the country with only $4 - Roosevelt said the Jews could only come into country if they had $10000

Hitler's List
Blond Hair Blue Eyed Norwegian - Pure Aryan
Brown hair blue eyed (Less preferred Brown eyed) German - Mostly Aryan
Mediterranean - mostly Aryan
Slovak - Half Aryan Half Ape
Oriental - slightly Ape
African - mostly Ape
Jews - almost pure Ape

After the Jews the blacks were next
1938 Olympics held in Germany
Jessie Owen the black American athlete won the most gold medals
Hitler said his men should not have to race against this animal

Nuremberg Germany
Trial held for war criminals
they said they were only following orders and did nothing illegal
they were still convicted of murder
There is a higher law than German law or American law - Gods law

If you take an egg of an eagle and break it you will be fined and go to jail
if you kick a expecting mother in the stomach and the baby dies you may be sewed and put in jail
Revolutionary war - 25,000 killed
W.W.II - 400,000 killed
Abortions in USA - 38,000,000
World wide - 1,000,000,000
Average 1 per women
in Russia average 7 per women
even higher in china

If its not alive why is it growing
if it is not a human being what kind of being is it

Margaret Sanger in 1916 started Planned Parenthood
She was a racist and wanted to "weed out" blacks, Orientals, and Jews
wanted to use birth control to create a race of "through bread humans"
1952 - How to plan your children - pamphlet
What is planned parenthood?
Is it an operation - No
Is it an Abortion - Certainly not, abortion is an operation that kills the life of a baby after it has begun. It is dangerous to the mother and can leave you sterile.
Views have changed in past years

CS 102 - Class 10

Appendix vestigial
vestigial - don't need it anymore
ours is smaller than a horses so it is a sign that we are loosing it
or we just eat less roughage than a horse so don't need it as much
you can live without both your arms and legs, that doesn't mean you don't need them

Whale Pelvis
"Just imagine whales walking around, its true"
whale pelvis holds its reproductive organs
Human tail bone has no apparent use
holds 9 muscles that are important for body functions

They used to think there were 180 vestigial organs when they started
Now we know there are none
Even if there were that would be the opposite of evolution. Do we keep loosing organs until we have everything we need?

How long would it have taken for Mt. Rushmore to happen on its own
wind, water, ex-foliation, erosion

Things have adapted to their environment
"picture plant adapted to take in nitrogen"
"fish adapted gills to live in water"
how did they live before they adapted gills? - they all died for millions of years

Evolutionists argue against design using arguments they designed.
"Darwin's black box" - hair on bacteria
minimum number of parts for an internal combustion engine to work
Bacteria motor has 40
Irreducible complexity - can not remove one more part without making the machine stop working
How many parts in a car ?
how many do you need to remove to get the car to not work - any one of thousands (key)
bacteria motor take away any one and it will not work
when it was evolving how did it know that when it had 35 parts it only needed 5 more?
8 million of these motors would fit in the cross section of a hair
spins at 100,000 RPM
motor moves through liquid the equivalent of a human swimming 60mph through peanut butter
viscosity problem - the smaller you are the thicker the liquid feels

Eye Evolution
They arrange a bunch of eyes in order from simple to complex and guess that this is how it happened.
Psalm 94:9 - God formed the eye
back of the retina there are 137,000,000 light sensitive cells in 1 square inch - each one wired directly to the brain
eye sees more color and can focus faster than any camera
Poor eye design - blood vessels in front of retina block light - octopus has better eye its blood vessels are behind the retina
Octopus lives in water - water insulates UV light
Humans live in air - air poor insulator for UV light
swap eyes with octopus and you would be blind in a few days

Origins of life
1950 Stanley L. Miller and Harold C. Urey
"Earth's former atmosphere"
They assume there was no oxygen because if there was than the new life would oxidize and break apart
We live in an oxidizing atmosphere (cut fruit, metal)
all layers of rock have oxidation so the Earth always had oxygen - the older the layer the more oxygen it has
Textbook "life only produces life" couple pages later "here is how life formed from non living matter"
Took gases and fed them through the tubes and used spark to simulate lightning
had a methane ammonia water vapor hydrogen atmosphere - no oxygen
they produced a "mixture rich in amino acids"

Letters in the alphabet are the building block for making words
dump block letters on the floor
probability of making a word - low
probability of making a sentence - impossible

It requires a bunch of amino acids in the correct order to make a protein
it takes millions of proteins to make a cell
they excluded oxygen because they knew the amino acids would oxidize and bread apart

Earth has always had Oxygen
need oxygen to create ozone
ozone stops UV light
UV light destroys ammonia
ammonia one of the building blocks of his atmosphere
no oxygen no ammonia

the contraption had a trap door to filter out the product because if it was let go through again because if it did the lightning would have destroyed it
they created
85% tar
13% carboxylic acid
toxic to life
2% amino acids
Did not create life - proved that it could not happen

26 letters can be arranged to make hundreds of thousands of words
words can be arranged to produce an unlimited number of books

there are only 20 amino acids
combine to make proteins
smallest protein contains 70 amino acids
sentence that has 70 letters
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
Has every letter in the alphabet (35 total letters)
put letters in a box and dump them out to make that sentence
no chance
all the letters have to be facing the right way
letters can be to the left, right, upside down, reversed, reversed to the right, reversed to the left, reversed, upside down, or right way up (if their 2D - 3D have more combinations)
amino acids have to be facing the right way to form a chain
There are right handed and left handed amino acids
fitting right handed nut on left handed bolt
Chirality - spin / twist of a molecule
to fit all have to be the same hand to make a chain
dump the letters on the floor and half will be upside down
R in Russia can be used backwards
T can be used if its reversed
Experiment produced right and left handed
amino acids are left handed
DNA/RNA are right handed

1 cell has more complexity than the city of New York
problems with the experiment
1. Excluded oxygen
2. Trapped out product
3. Half were right half were left

proteins in water are more likely to devolve before they come together
most scientists agree the oceans are full of water
This was supposed to take place in the water
once 4 or 5 get together they will fall apart
Brownian motion
put one drop of red food coloring in glass of water it will spread through the entire glass
molecules of water bumping together will spread other molecules apart

They are under the impression that if you get all of the molecules together in the right order they will miraculously come to life
Take a frog - put it in a blender
all of the molecules are in one place
how long before another frog (or any type of other animal) comes back to life
even if you manually reassemble the frog its still dead
none of the parts in an airplane fly
its the intelligent design that causes all of the parts together to fly
nothing in aluminum causes it to fly
nothing in a frog that causes it to be alive
there is no chance of it becoming alive on its own
there is the breath of life thing that no one understands

There are no 2 or 3 celled organisms
billions of 1 celled
smallest grouping is 20 and they don't even make up a tissue
tissue takes hundreds of thousands of cells
"2 celled creatures must have existed but there are not any left"
there is no such thing as a simple life form
Trees of life in text books are nonsense
they arrange them in what ever order looks best and only the tips of the branches contain any data because no one knows anything that was before them.

Textbooks teach smaller is simpler
in the 1850's when they started looking at cells they could only see what appeared to be a bag of jelly
a cell is incredibly complex
the parts of a cell are also incredibly complex
thousands of paramecium can fit in a single drop of water
there more complicated than the space shuttle

Smaller is not simpler
Cray computer
6 Billion calc/sec
lots of energy (kW)

$48 million
lots of people to maintain
2300 lbs
1000 Billion calc/sec
10 mW
100,000 mi/gal of honey
compare size of bee with wing size it cant fly
(Don't tell the bee)
self contained - self reproducing
less than 1 oz
human brain millions of times more complex than a bee's brain
3 lb brain
more electric connections in brain than in entire world
stores more information than a library
computers rated by how much information they can process and retrieve
human - elephant - whale - all beat a cray computer